Alki beach dog park


What is the Alki Beach Dog Park? It was created by a group of community members who wanted to provide an area where dogs could run free, socialize with other dogs, and be happy. After seeing how well the off-leash areas for dogs were working at Golden Gardens Park, the volunteers got together. It has water fountains for both people and pets, shade structures, benches, poop bags (and bins), trash cans (and containers), parking lot options (metered or non-metered), designated areas for small/large breeds, and even dog washing areas. The Alki Beach Dog Park is located at 1702 62nd Ave SW in West Seattle. It has more than 100 parking spaces, includes large and small dog areas, water for dogs (and humans), benches, shade structures, poop bags (and bins), trash cans (and containers), and a port-a-potty restroom. It’s open every day from sunrise to 11 pm except Wednesdays when the park closes at 6 pm for maintenance. Due to poor drainage conditions, the park is closed during rainy weather, making it unsafe for dogs’ paws.

Who can use the dog park?

Once inside the fenced area, you can take their leash off for some fun playtime! The Dog Park has an open access policy which means it is not restricted by breed. Any size, shape, or kind of dog is allowed provided they are well behaved and under control. Dogs must have current shots, licenses, and tags to enter No digging holes or removing landscaping materials (don’t ruin it for everyone else) Keep your dog under control at all times inside the fenced are Pick up after your pet with supplied bags (and bins) – No female dogs in season are permitted unless she is kept on a leash at all times Is my dog allowed in the Alki Beach Dog Park? Your dog should meet all of these criteria to use the Alki Beach, Dog Park:Must have current shots, licenses, and tags No female dogs in season allowed unless kept on a leash at all times

Dogs designated “potentially dangerous” or “dangerous” by the state will not be allowed into the park (see article for more information). If your dog meets these basic requirements, it should also fit in well with other dogs. Many people who visit this park say their dog has made new friends. Just like us, your dog will probably find some canine companions to get along with really well, and others may not be a good fit for them. If this is the case, keep your dog on a leash and either remove them from the park or ask the other dog to go home with their owner. If your dog doesn’t do well in large groups (extraordinary dogs), many fun options are available at Alki Beach Dog Park. The area is excellent for one-on-one playtime with dogs who live nearby and those who come from different neighborhoods. You can bring your best friend or find a new one to make memories and enjoy some time together off the leash!

What are the rules for being at an Alki Beach Dog Park?

There is a strict rule against aggression at the Alki Beach Dog Park, and owners who allow their dogs to be aggressive will be asked to leave. It is in the best interest of all park goers that they ensure a safe, friendly environment for all by complying with these rules: Keep your dog under control at all times – Watch for signs of aggression from other dogs and remove them from the area if needed – No more than two dogs per handler are allowed inside the fenced area – Children must be accompanied by an adult while visiting – Remove choke or spiked collars before entering the park How to find out more information about the Alki Beach Dog Park and its location? Spare leash in case your dog’s regular one breaks – Wipes to clean up after your pet if needed – Puppy pads or newspapers, in case you need to change the park’s landscaping overnight – Food and water for both yourself and your dog(s)

If there is a chance I will be arriving after dark, what do I need to know? The Alki Beach Dog Park has a lighted area that remains open from sunset until 10 pm. Be sure to bring a leash with you so you can keep a hold of your furry friend even when it gets dark! What if I take my dog to the Alki Beach Dog Park and I can’t find a parking spot? If you drive to the Alki Beach Dog Park, be prepared for a bit of extra walking. If all these times are not an option, keep going around until you see someone leaving, or ask one of your fellow park users if they would be willing to move their car. Just remember not to block any driveways when doing so! How often does it cost to go into an aliki beach dog park? The daily pass to enter the Alki Beach Dog Park is $7 per person.

  • Dogs must be on a leash at all times when not in the fenced-off area of the park – Owners must clean up after their dogs and pack out what they pack in – Owners must carry a leash with them at all times, even if their pet is well behaved on a regular leash – Do not allow your dog to bark continuously or make excessive noise – Maximum of two dogs per handler allowed inside the fenced-off part of the park at one time – No horses or other livestock are allowed in the park Do you need a membership card or pass for entry into an aliki beach dog park? Dogs are not allowed in the fenced area unless on a leash no longer than 8 feet – Owners must carry a leash with them at all times, even if their pet is well behaved on a regular leash – No horses or other livestock are allowed in the park Each person entering Alki Beach Dog Park needs to have a membership card. What other services do they offer at this aliki beach dog park besides walking your pet? In addition to the legal off-leash privileges, several other services are available for pet owners at Alki beach dog park.

Among them is a leash and muzzle loaner program where you can borrow a nylon or leather lead and a basket muzzle if your dog needs one. They also have a through fence pick-up service available. This is offered only during the hours when the fenced-off area is open to dogs. In this case, owners who want their dogs walked while they aren’t at Alki beach dog park can leave them in the enclosed portion with someone from Alki beach pet care professionals, then come back to get them when they’re done playing! Conclusion paragraph: Alki Beach is a great place to take your dog. Over 15 acres of the off-leash dog park, including trails, beaches, and an open field for dogs to play in without getting too tired. It has benches, garbage cans, and water fountains for owners, as well as shady areas with picnic tables so you can have fun with your pet all day long! The beach also offers parking lots that accommodate cars, RV’s, or trailers within the designated area near the entrance at Golden Gardens Park.


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